• High Rotating Speed Optical Slip Ring

    One of the through bore slip ring manufactured by JINPAT is integrated with a fiber optical rotary joint.

  • Grinding Technology of Connectors for Optical Slip Rings

    JINPAT Grinding Technology of Connectors for Optical Slip Rings has made a list of technical requirements.

  • Compact-designed HD Slip Ring for Monitoring Use

    JINPAT compact-sized slip ring transmitting HD video signal meets the basic needs of monitoring devices.

  • 320 Million-Revolution Long Life Slip Ring

    JINPAT develops a capsule slip ring that features extremely long service life of 320 million turns with 6000 rpm high rotating speed.

  • Research on Contact Characteristics of Electrical Slip Ring

    Electrical slip ring is a precise device that can achieve transmission of image, data signal, and power between two relatively rotary parts.

  • Deep-water Slip Ring

    The slip ring, as a requisite part of the drilling platform, is called for a high performance to fit the application.

  • Considerations for Optical Slip Rings

    Do not bend the fiber to a right angle when fixed and protect slip rings from being damaged by radial force in the rotation.

  • Analysis of Black Powder in Slip Rings Resulting From Orthogonal Experiment

    considerable black powder has been found inside the slip rings with the increasing rotating speed during the experiment.

  • 4K@30Hz HD Video Game Chair Slip Ring

    JINPAT slip ring is suitable perfectly for HD video signal transmission where high resolution of the medium is required with a high resolution.

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