• The Installation and Maintenance of Carbon Brush Slip Ring

    Slip ring is an important device to realize 360° rotary transmission for current, signal, gas and liquid.

  • RS Signals on the Slip Rings

    JINPAT Electronics combines RS signals with signals commonly used in the mechatronics industry such as Ethernet and USB.

  • Carbon Brush Slip Ring in Large-Power Rotary Furnace

    Compared with the ordinary slip ring, the carbon brush slip ring has larger work voltage and current. It is generally installed in the mechanical and electronic platform, which requires 360 ° rotary transmission of large power.

  • What Are the Technical Difficulties in the Construction Machinery Slip Rings?

    Construction machinery belongs to heavy industry products, including but not limited to, cranes, fire trucks, excavators, mixers, and drilling trucks. Most of these heavy mechanical and electrical equ

  • Explanation of 5G and Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

    The fifth-generation wireless systems, or 5G, is a mixture of many key technologies such as millimeter wave, beamforming, and massive MIMO. However, for users, the most concerned is undoubtedly t

  • Copper Ring Selection for Slip Rings

    Copper (Cu) has excellent electrical conductivity, workability, and corrosiveness, which serves as an indispensable material for slip rings.

  • Slip Ring with Four Types of Technology

    In the technological evolution of slip rings, collector rings, and brush contact materials, brush contact materials have formed four technological routes.

  • One Common Problem about Rotation in Slip Rings

    After scraping and reassemble, the slip ring assembly turns out to be in smooth rotation during the test.

  • How to make a low-torque slip ring which conducts 2-pair 100M

    Given a set dimension, a low torque, and a minor transmission interruption, the small slip ring connector is also required to possess a reliable transmission performance.

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