• Comparison of Mercury Slip Rings and Carbon Brush Slip Rings

    All of them are all electrical rotary connectors. They are industrial components and are used to transmit current, but they are very different from each other.The following is led by JINPAT Electronic

  • Characteristics and Working Principle of High Speed Slip Ring

    The high-speed slip ring LPT012B-0602-HS-HT provides an effective solution for high-speed precision equipment that needs to transmit low current or signals between the rotating platform and the statio

  • Super High Speed Slip Ring with Military Standard

    To reduce the dependence on imported high speed slip ring and at the request from National Equipment Department, JINPAT has developed the 24-loop ultra-high-speed conductive slip ring with a maximum s

  • The High Reliability of Military Slip Rings

    The military slip ring refers to the slip ring applied to military equipments or military enterprise. The performance requirements of this slip ring are higher. After all, these military devices need

  • Fiber Optical Slip Ring

    The function principle of the fiber optical slip ring is  same as electric slip ring, except that the transmitted signal is an optical signal instead of an electrical signal. It can provide unint

  • Analysis of Wind Turbine Slip Rings

    Wind turbine slip rings used for wind power generation, as an important part of the pitch system to provide power and transmit control signals. By installing an encoder at the end of the wind turbine

  • Military Radars Slip Ring

    JINPAT's slip rings are widely used in Military areas, we offer solutions for all type of electrical power, electrical signals and data buses, optical signals, gaseous and liquid media and combina

  • Great Innovation of JINPAT High Speed and Long Life Slip Ring

    The high-speed slip ring provides an effective solution for transmitting low current or signal between a high speed rotating platform and a stationary platform. In the occasion, the rotational speed a

  • Marine Slip Ring

    Marine industry and military applications have strict environmental requirements, so there must be corresponding solutions in terms of design, materials, process and testing. JINPAT Electronic  p

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