• Great Innovation of JINPAT High Speed and Long Life Slip Ring

    The high-speed slip ring provides an effective solution for transmitting low current or signal between a high speed rotating platform and a stationary platform. In the occasion, the rotational speed a

  • Marine Slip Ring

    Marine industry and military applications have strict environmental requirements, so there must be corresponding solutions in terms of design, materials, process and testing. JINPAT Electronic  p

  • Research and Application of Silver Based Slip Ring Electrical Contact Materials

    Silver-based slip ring electrical contact materials are used to prepare key materials for components such as collector rings, commutator segments, and conductive brushes in electronic devices. Its mec

  • A New Breakthrough in Display Port Interface of JINPAT Slip Ring

    The integrated Display Port (DP) interface slip ring has been successfully developed by JINPAT R&D Center. It can reach 1080P@60Hz (or higher), without error signal. And the high-definition signal

  • Features of Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

    Fiber optical slip ring, also known as photoelectric rotary joint, uses optical fiber as the data transmission medium, and provides the best technical solution for solving the data transmission betwee

  • Encoder / Resolver / Multiplexer Systems

    Electric rotary transmission often requires the use of encoder and resolver systems in customer systems and units. These required encoder and resolver systems can be easily integrated into the st

  • Electromagnetic Interference Design of Slip Ring

    Electromagnetic interference has two types: conducted interference and radiated interference.  In order to reduce the harm of electromagnetic interference, the slip ring uses shield to block the

  • The Effects of the Environmental Adaptability of the Slip Ring

    For slip rings, it is very important to have environmental adaptability such as dust prevention, which is the key to determining its life.

  • JINPAT Integrated Slip Ring

    JINPAT Electronics Co., Ltd. newly developed a gas-liquid integrated high-precision photoelectric mixing slip ring, which can realize hybrid transmission of electricity, gas, liquid, HD-SDI (1080P@30H

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