• What is the Difference of Radar-Specific Slip Rings

    The radar antenna slip ring is an electromechanical component that can transmit current and data signals from the fixed device to the rotating device. Slip rings can be used in electromechanical syste

  • High Current Slip Ring Integrated Fiber Optic on Offshore Winch

    With the vigorous development of the marine transportation industry, more and more ships use marine cranes for cargo handling, and ship cranes need to install high current slip rings to solve their el

  • JINPAT Slip Rings Designed for Assistive Home Robot

    The world’s population is aging at a dramatic rate with global implications. Public policy plays a key role in addressing the socioeconomic impact of the demographic shift. But we believe advances in

  • Electromagnetic Interference Slip Ring

    Electromagnetic interference has two types: conducted interference and radiated interference. In order to reduce the harm of electromagnetic interference, the slip ring uses shield to block the e

  • High Power Slip Ring Cooling Considerations

    Under normal operating conditions, the temperature of the carbon brush is generally between 45 ° C and 75 ° C (temperature rise of about 40 ° C), and the operating current of each carbon brush is betw

  • JINPAT Non-Contact Slip Rings

    JINPAT non-contact slip ring is mainly fiber optic slip ring currently. It can transmit power and signal in continuous rotation. Unlike other slip rings, non-contact slip rings do not rely on typ

  • Common Failure Modes of Slip Rings

    I have seen many problems caused by slip rings, this article analyzes the causes of failure of common slip rings. 1) The slip ring does not rotate smoothly: Usually the customer does not choose t

  • High IP Grade Capsule JINPAT Slip Rings for Pipe Crawlers

    The pipe crawler’ working environment is full of high humidity and water vapour even the water, so there needs a high IP grade capsule slip rings for more harsh inspection tasks. The high IP grade cap

  • JINPAT High Speed Slip Rings Keeps Long Life Span

    The feature of high speed is required in slip rings is more frequent than before, but the high speed slip ring is not only brings good result but also cause a little problem like shorten the service l

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