• Integrated Photoelectric Encoder Flat Slip Ring

        Recently, JINPAT has introduced a pancake slip ring that integrates a high-precision photoelectric encoder for intelligent turntable. The flat slip ring can accomplish accurate location

  • Replaceable Ultra-long Life Conductive Slip Ring

         In slip ring industry, the performance and life of it plays a large role in measuring its manufacturing technology. As there exist many fields demanding a long-life slip ring, JINP

  • Reliable Explosion-Proof Carbon Brush Slip Ring

           The slip ring adopts the world-class fine carbon brush to allow a safe loading with a rigorous calculation. It is an explosion-proof slip ring, able to operate in an extreme

  • JINPAT New-designed Anti-magnetic interference Slip Ring

    Electrical slip ring serves as transmission channel between parts. A reasonable electromagnetic compatibility design, therefore, is needed so as to have a strong anti-magnetic capability.&nb

  • Separate Slip Ring with Laminated Stator

    Separate Slip Ring with Laminated Stator

  • Application of Plug-in Slip Ring in Industrial Robot

    With the quick development of science and technology, application of intelligent equipment is popularized in various brand manufacturers, of which the robot is a typical example. Highly efficient, fle

  • LPMS-08D the Smallest Volume Slip Ring in China

           Till now, the product of LPMS-08D model is a precise conductive slip ring that enjoys the smallest volume in China. With advanced design in compact size, the super mini

  • Slip Rings for Shadowless Lamp

    Medical equipment is a symbol of modern industrial level. JINPAT, being the first manufacturer, have designed slip rings for medical use applied to shadowless lamp in operation overseas. The slip ring

  • HDMI/3G-SDI Slip Ring

    HDMI is a multi-media interface of high definition. Adopting the digital video/audio technology, it's compatible with digital connector for image transmission and can transfer audio and image sign

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