• Features and Advantages of JINPAT Slip Ring in The Packaging Industry

    JINPAT slip ring can lasts a long lifetime (20 million revolutions), can work continuously for 24 hours. Maintenance-free, and no lubrication required. 360-degree rotation transmission of power a

  • What Type of Slip Ring Works Best for 3D Measurement Arm

    What is the role Jinpat slip ring plays in the 3D measurement arm?Articulating arms, also known 3D measurement arms, are portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) that determine and record the loc

  • JINPAT Pancake Slip Ring Upgrades New Brush for Higher Performance

    Pancake slip ring is one of the major product of JINPAT slip ring, which is suitable for space with extreme requirements on thickness. JINPAT pancake slip rings are named LPK and LPKS series, LPK is a

  • High Speed Slip Ring for High Speed Industrial Hoist Trolleys

    As the core product of JINPAT Electronics, the design and quality of construction machinery slip ring has been keeping up with the market equipment demand, we never stop deveoping and innovation. 

  • JINPAT LPHF Series High Frequency Rotary Joints

    The high frequency rotary joints newly developed by JINPAT Electronics is a product specially developed to meet the transmission of high-speed serial digital signals or analog signals. JINPAT LPHF ser

  • What is the Difference of Radar-Specific Slip Rings

    The radar antenna slip ring is an electromechanical component that can transmit current and data signals from the fixed device to the rotating device. Slip rings can be used in electromechanical syste

  • High Current Slip Ring Integrated Fiber Optic on Offshore Winch

    With the vigorous development of the marine transportation industry, more and more ships use marine cranes for cargo handling, and ship cranes need to install high current slip rings to solve their el

  • JINPAT Slip Rings Designed for Assistive Home Robot

    The world’s population is aging at a dramatic rate with global implications. Public policy plays a key role in addressing the socioeconomic impact of the demographic shift. But we believe advances in

  • Electromagnetic Interference Slip Ring

    Electromagnetic interference has two types: conducted interference and radiated interference. In order to reduce the harm of electromagnetic interference, the slip ring uses shield to block the e

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