• Is There Other Rotary Conductive Transmission Solution Aside from Slip Rings?

    Slip rings are connecting components that help to transmit electricity, gas, fluid and laser signal, etc. Except fiber optic rotary joints, other slip ring/ rotary joint kinds usually adopt physical c

  • What Kinds of Slip Rings Fit in Minesweepers?

    Minesweepers play an important part in the navy combat system worldwide. A minesweeper is the pioneer in a combat, cleaning way for the ally vessels. For the important mission the minesweeper shoulder

  • Slip Rings for Airborne Equipment

    As a technology intensive mechanical engineering industry, modern aircrafts are usually equipped with various kinds of high-tech equipment. And among these edged equipment, most demand the application

  • Application of Slip Ring in Lithium Battery Automatic Filling Machine

    At present, automation equipment plays an important role in our daily life: machining, welding, heat treatment, surface coating, loading and unloading, potting, assembling, testing and warehouse stack

  • Jinpat slip ring advantages in 3D printer

    JINPAT slip ring focuses on solving the wires breaking and massing problem in a large range of applications. 3D printer as a rising high-tech industry is surely one of the application where JINPAT sli

  • JINPAT High Current High Temperature Marine Slip Ring

    In recent years, more and more slip rings produced by JINPAT Electronics have been applied to the marine field. In order to ensure the safety of operations at sea, aside from signal and power transmis

  • Jinpat Optoelectronics Integrated Slip Ring--Application in Medical Measuring Instruments

    The photoelectric integrated slip ring is mainly used to improve the mechanical performance, simplify system operation, and avoid damage to the optical fiber due to the rotation of the movable joint.

  • Slip Ring for Gearless Steerable Propulsion System

    With the development of technology, modern ships take up a more efficient propulsion system. Gearless steerable propulsion system is a heat in the industry. In this system the electric drive motor is

  • Features and Advantages of JINPAT Slip Ring in The Packaging Industry

    JINPAT slip ring can lasts a long lifetime (20 million revolutions), can work continuously for 24 hours. Maintenance-free, and no lubrication required. 360-degree rotation transmission of power a

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