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     Radar antenna is used to detect orientation of one objective by radiating and receiving electromagnetic wave. While in terms of its operating purpose, it can be divided into ground radar antenna, meteorology radar antenna and shipborne radar antenna. During the operation of the equipment, slip rings, electrical connectors, play important roles in the whole process. They are employed to make continuous connections of electricity and signal between the rotating and stationary parts of radar system.

      JINPAT slip rings for radar antenna can transmit a large capacity of data and signal in 360° rotation. Thus for shipborne radar antenna, it can transmit and receive data or signals in a reliable way without worry of wires wrapping. Radar antenna is generally employed outdoors. In relation to the actual operating conditions of radar, the electrical connector of LPT series for radar use is water-proof, pressure-proof, and vibration resistant, adapting to various harsh environments. With a high protection up to IP68, it also has a strong resiliency to a wide temperature from -55 to 80. In consideration of the hard and high-cost maintenance, JINPAT slip ring for radar use is designed with advanced fiber brush for no lubrication. Applied to radar system, it, embracing a long service life, allows the radar antenna to operate in a long time with no maintenance. With accumulated experience in dozens of years, JINPAT features electrical and high-frequency integrated rotary joints, which can meet the needs of different conditions. For meteorology radar antenna, hybrid precise rotary joints that integrate electricity, high frequency and fiber optic are available. High frequency signal transmission is up to 50 GHz. With a custom frequency, the coaxial connectors of LPHF series have single channel and multi-channel for option. Moreover, they are small and light with compact design. Apart from a high transmitting frequency over 500MHz-50GHz, the hybrid unit enjoys excellent capacity of anti-electromagnetic interference. Thus, a reliable transmission is sure to guarantee an accurate detection of the weather conditions in the air. According to the installation conditions of the radar system, slip rings for radar use can be designed with a through hole, of which the inner diameter can be customized. Anyway, boasting a reliable performance of stable transmission without data package loss, the rotary connector improves and guarantees the orientation accuracy of the radar detecting. 

LPT000-0230-0405-23S(JP01-029-93GJB).jpgFeatures & Advantages

◆ High transmitting frequency

◆ Anti-electromagnetic interference

◆ Hybrid precise rotary joints

◆ Reliable performance, without data package loss

◆ Ultra-low attenuation loss, low electrical noise

◆ Small and light with compact design

   Water-proof, pressure-proof, and vibration resistant

◆ Operating in a wide range of temperature

◆ Long service life

◆ Maintenance free

◆ Cost-effective

◆ Rapid delivery


EquipmentPart numberPerformanceSpecs
Airborne Radar AntennaLPT000-0330-1302-E3-E2

3*30A+4*Antenna Surveillance Signal+4*RF Surveillance Signal+4*Network Port


IP54Detail image.png
Airborne Radar AntennaLPT000-0410-0203-11S-HF024*10A+2*3A+2*Control Signal+1pair*RF Signal(100MHz)+5*CANBus+6*Surveillance Signal+1*PE+2*HFIP64Detail image.png
Airborne Radar AntennaLPT000-0420-23S-HF02

4*30A+3*INS+5*Channel+5*Antenna & Servo Signal+4*CANBus

+4*Network Port Signal+2*Backup+1*PE+2*HF

IP64Detail image.png
Vehicle-borne Radar Antenna LPT000-1004-16S-HF0210*4A+3*100KHz+3*Data Signal+5*Servo Signal+5*RF Signal+1*PEIP54Detail image.png
Vehicle-borne Radar Antenna LPT065-1410-50S-HD02 14*10A+18*TACH+7*Surveillance Signal+7*1KHz Sigbnal+6*Surveillance Signal+2*Video Signal+12*Signal+1*PEIP54Detail image.png
Vehicle-borne Radar Antenna LPT000-0410-04S-HF024*10A+4*Signal+1*PE+2*HFIP65Detail image.png
Shipborne Radar AntennaLPT000-0410-08S-HF024*10A+4*Signal+4*Network Port Signal+4*PE+2*HFIP54Detail image.png
Shipborne Radar AntennaLPT038-2405-A16*5A+5*Serial Port Signal+3*CANBusIP64Detail image.png
Meteorologic Radar AntennaLPT080-1805-06156*15A+11*5A+7*SignalIP65Detail image.png
Meteorologic Radar AntennaLPT000-0215-06S-2RF2*15A+6*CANBus+2*WaveguideIP54Detail image.png

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