Popularization of Unmanned Armament Booms Opportunity for Slip Rings

Nowadays, the global military powers have taken up unmanned armaments and devices. Unmanned armaments and equipment allow human operators to carry out missions in a distance far from the frontier and therefore minimize casualties. The realization of remote operation lies on all-round looking sensors and electrical control devices where slip ring plays an important and potential part.  


Detect-Combat drone, remote weapon station (RWS) and unmanned submarine are the three common unmanned battle equipment. Slip rings are essential components of the situational awareness system adopted by detect-combat drone and the RWS. As for submarine robotics, some might need to install an electrical slip ring in the control center. Comparatively, people are more familiar with UAV photoelectric pod and RWS. Let’s have a closer look at the slip rings applied in these two devices.    


As a professional slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT Electrics has developed various model types targeting photoelectric pod as application end. These model types can fulfill the signal transmission demands of High/Middle-End UAV photoelectric pod. Take slip ring designed for High-End photoelectric pod for example, such model usually integrates signal transmission of various types: infrared thermal imaging, high-definition video, differential signal, control signal, etc. Together with a power ring, this slip ring type outperforms the others for having multi-channels. JINPAT LPC-76 and LPC-98 are classic representatives of such model.


Slip ring with simpler structure design is adopted in terms of Middle/Low-End photoelectric pod. Several standard JINPAT slip ring models can be directly applied to the pod with ease, like LPC1C-24/30/36. Based on through-bore slip ring, JINPAT developed LPC1C, a high frequency slip ring that can integrate signals like high-definition video signal. Such model not only fits in photoelectric pod but also meets the signal and power transmission demands of RWS.

RWS shares lots of common places with photoelectric pod and therefore slip rings installed in them are quite similar and compatible. To give more details, some remote weapon stations are also equipped with advanced devices like optical high-definition camera, infrared thermal camera, laser range finder and FOG stabilization system, aside from necessary armament unions. Integration of such calls for powerful signal transmission from the installed slip ring.


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