Pin Connection Slip Rings

LPR series is a group of Pin Slip Rings designed and manufactured by JINPAT Electronics. The unit enjoys an exquisite design and replaces wire with a pin to make connections, which is in line with the RoHS Compliance. Convenient to install, it’s suitable perfectly for system where electricity and power transmission is done in a small space and plug and play is required in the application.


Mercury-free unit in purely environment-friendly design

Load standard module in 360° rotating transmission

Large current-carrying capacity

No interference or data package loss

Extremely low electrical noise, low friction force

Quick connection with spade terminal



Optional circuit number

Long service life

Maintenance free


Technical Ability

Circuits: 8 Circuits


Signal & Data Compatible: over 30 kinds of signals including K Thermocouple, 100M Ethernet and Control Signals


Current Rating: 25A per circuit

Voltage Rating: 500V

Dielectric Strength: 1000VAC@50Hz between circuits

Insulation Resistance: 1000MΩ@500VDC

Electrical Noise: ≤10mΩ



Operating Speed: 0-500 rpm

Vibration Resistance: 1~40Hz

Acceleration Resistance: 0~40g



Temperature: -40~+80

Humidity: 95%RH

IP: IP65


Rotor SizeOD):φ7.5mm (4 channels)

Rotor/Stator Connecting Method: welding screw, welding copper plate, welding wire

Life: 40 million turns

*PS: parameters referred above are the maximum values (depending on specific model).

Model OD(mm) Poles Current Speed (rpm) Details
LPR-8H Φ40 8 6 @ 20 A, 2 @ 5 A 0-300 rpm
LPR-2H Φ40 2 2@25A 0-300 rpm
LPR-2S Φ40 2 2@5 A 0-300 rpm
LPR-4H Φ32.9 4 2@5A, 2@15A 0-300 rpm
LPR-4S Φ32.9 4 2@5 A 2@2 A 0-300 rpm
LPR-6H Φ33.00 4 2@5A, 4@15A 0-300 rpm
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