Pancake Slip Rings

LPK series is a group of Pancake Slip Rings manufactured by JINPAT with the thickness as small as 6mm. They are designed exclusively for rotation systems in which installing space is limited in height at vertical direction. Both copper ring and brush contact surround a central hole, which saves space a lot. LPK series slip ring is divided into 2 kinds: separate pancake slip ring LPKS and LPK stand-alone pancake slip ring. 


High Rotating Speed

Unfailing contact, light figure

Extremely low physical noise

Transmitting power and signal in 360° rotation

No interference or connection drop


Ready-made photoelectric encoder

Optional solid and hollow shafts

Rapid delivery

Custom solution

Technical Ability


Circuits: 1~17circuits


Electric & Electronic

Current Rating:30A per circuit

Voltage Rating: 380VAC



Operating Speed: 0-300rpm

Inner Diameter: 4mm-820mm

Outer Diameter: 21mm-1220mm


Torque: ≤0.05N.m

Shock Resistance: 30g



Temperature: -60~+150

Humidity: 100%RH

IP: IP66


Life: 5 million turns


*PS: parameters referred above are the maximum values (depending on specific model).

Part # Ring # ID(mm) Currents(A) Voltage(VAC) Thickness(mm) Details
LPKS000-0202-01S-PIN 3 Circuits / 5A 5VDC 6
LPK000-0410-08S-E2 17 / 10A 220VAC/DC /
LPKS014-0302 3 Circuits φ14 3A 24V
LPKS005-0502 5 Circuits φ5mm 2A 50VDC
LPKS028-02S-U2 3 Circuits φ28.2 5A 380VAC/DC /
LPKS-0205 2 φ46/φ59 5A 380VAC/DC /
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