One of the Performance Indicators of Fiber Slip Rings

2020/7/7 15:24:19

Return loss refers to the measurement of the input power component reflected from the connector and returned along the input channel at the fiber connection. The difference between the backward reflected optical power and the input optical power (generally in dB). The higher return loss, indicating that the reflected light has less effect on the light source and system.


In order to increase the return loss, JINPAT tries to process the ends of the ceramic ferrules at both ends of the optical fiber slip ring into a spherical surface (UPC) or an oblique spherical surface (APC). The typical value is generally greater than 30dB.


In addition, return loss of multimode optical fiber rotary connectors is relatively small. If it has higher requirements for return loss, an optical fiber isolator can be added to the optical path to play a good role in increasing the return loss.

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