Miniature Slip Ring Used for Robot and Smart Articulated Arm

  1. Circuits 
  2. Electronic & Electrical 4 circuits*2A
  3. Mechanic 0~300rpm
  4. Environment -20°C~+60°C
  5. Life  Customizable


Benefits & Features Specifications

The intelligent articulated arm consists of a base, a telescopic arm, a rotating head, and a measuring head. The base and the entire robot can rotate 360° relative to each other, and the rotary head can rotate 360° infinitely. 360° unlimited rotation primarily solves the problem of power and signal transmission. LPM-04B(O) slip ring is a rotary connection that rotates and tirelessly provides power and control signals to the manipulator.

Features and Advantages

  • Military materials and manufacturing processes

  • Stable performance, helping the equipment to transmit signals more accurately

  • Long life, high protection, slip ring maintenance free

  • Compact appearance, compact structure, light weight

  • Easy installation, smooth operation

  • Low torque, extremely low electrical noise, low resistance, and no friction

  • Specifications

    Electrical & ElectronicsMechanical
    Circuits4 circuits*2ARotating Speed0~300rpm
    Rating   Voltage0-240VAC/DCContact MaterialGold To Gold
    Dielectric   Strength500VAC@50Hz(P)    100VAC@50Hz(S) Housing MaterialEngineering Plastics
    Insulation   Resistance
    50MΩ@500VDC (P) 10MΩ@100VDC (S)
    Wire Length
        Stator: 50mm
        Rotor: 125mm
    Dynamic Resistance Fluctuation Value35MΩ
    Lead Wire   Size AWG30   #/
    Temperature-20°C~+60°CLife spanCustomizable
    Humidity≤60%RHNote: "P" stands for   power, "S" stands for signal
    Protection   gradeIP40

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