Measurement and Control Rotary Table Slip Ring

2020/6/9 17:33:16

The slip ring is a component with small space and very dense wiring. Various signals are concentrated in the slip ring, so the mutual inductance and mutual capacitance effect between the signals are large. Because the contact between the sliding brush and the ring channel cannot be shielded, its capacitive coupling is particularly serious. Pay attention to the following points when designing the slip ring: 

1, When distributing the loop, separate the large and small signals, AC and DC signals at a long distance; 

2, Signals that are prone to interference and signal lines that are easily interfered, such as excitation power signal, feedback signal, the three-phase power signal must not only be separated when distributing the ring road, but also the twisted pair or triple twist shielding must be used for the wiring in the ring body, and the shielding layer must be grounded at one point; 

3, A special shielded ring channel, that is, the ring channels on both sides of the signal are well grounded to play a shielding role between the ring channels.

When designing the cable, different types of signals should be distinguished. Signals that are prone to interference, such as the excitation power supply, must be strictly twisted shielded, and then share a single cable trace, as does the feedback signal. The A, B, and C of the brushless machine should be shielded by three strands, and a single cable should be used alone. It cannot be bundled with other signal cables for long-distance parallel laying.

JINPAT customized LPT080-0401-HS10000 is a hollow design with an aperture of up to 80mm and a speed of up to 100,000RPM. It can also transmit sensitive models, which solves the above problems well. 


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