Marine equipment is used to exploring ocean resources and improving deep-sea mining, ocean power generation industries.  Slip rings, as the imperative parts of the equipment, are applied widely to a crane, shipborne radar, winch, precise marine propeller system and so on.

      JINPAT, designed and manufactured the LPA series, which are perfectly suitable to the marine field. By effectively integrating photoelectric/high-frequency and electricity, the slip ring comes with automatic heat abstractor and heating devices. A carbon brush in power ring is made from advanced graphite alloy, which allows minimal electrical noise and stable connection. Special sealing design and surface processing technique make the electrical connector mist, corrosion, and acid-proof and vibration, shock resistant. Convenient for use and maintenance, the electrical slip ring contains a functional structure, which allows a high current capacity with a stable signal transmission. Although the crane and marine propeller system, being large-scale machinery, provide challenges for the electrical connectors, JINPAT slip ring, with a large-current transmission (up to 1500A) and persistent durability, offers a smooth long-time operation for the heavy equipment. Moreover, JINPAT marine slip ring has an outstanding performance in a temperature of -55+120 with minimal electrical noise and transmission loss. In addition, it can be designed with a through a hole up to φ900mm. Overall, its excellent quality guarantees a reliable transmission for the winch and shipborne radar.



    Features & Benefits

  ◆ Photoelectric / high-frequency and electric integration

  ◆ High conductivity, large safe current carrying capacity

  ◆ Equipped with heat abstractor and automatic heating device

  ◆ Mist-proof, corrosion-proof and acid-proof, vibration and shock resistant

  ◆ Low electrical noise, low transmission loss

  ◆ Optional aperture size

  ◆ Long service life

  ◆ Customization available

EquipementPart NumberPerformanceSpecs
CircuitsVoltageWorking SpeedIP
Marine WinchLPA000-0250-FO042*50A+4*Fiber4000VAC0~100 rpmIP65Detail image.png
Marine WinchLPA280-05100 4*100A+1*PE440VAC0~2 rpmIP66Detail image.png
Self-elevating Platform LPA350-03200-01PE3*200A+1*PE380VAC0~10 rpmIP56Detail image.png
Offshore CraneLPA000-03600-01300-20053*600A+1*PE+20*5A440VAC0~1 rpmIP55Detail image.png
Offshore Deck CraneLPA000-03500-02100-01PE-1310-1005
3*500A+2*100A+13*10A+10*5A+1*PE440VAC0~5 rpmIP44Detail image.png
Marine CraneLPA000-04200-0240-08053*200A+2*40A+8*5A+1*PE690VAC0~1 rpmIP55Detail image.png
Marine CraneLPA000-04400-01PE-14S4*400A+1*PE+14S380VAC0~5 rpmIP55Detail image.png
Marine PlatformLPA000-04400-0663-0310-10S3*400A++1*PE+6*63A+3*10A+13S600VAC0~1 rpmIP56Detail image.png
Marine FieldLPA000-09630-05100-0563-40109*630A+5*100A+5*63A+40*10A660VAC0~10 rpmIP56Detail image.png

Custom Solutions

If Our Standard Rotary Unions And Slip Rings Aren't Quite What You're Looking For, We've Got You Covered. We Provide Custom Designed Components For Specialized Applications. Our Engineers Have Over 80 Years Of Combined Experience In Rotary Unions And Slip Rings And Will Come Up With The Perfect Solution For Your Needs.

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