For more than a decade, many of our staff have devoted their time 

and energy to the field of conductive slip rings. They may come from 

different positions and are in different ages , but they hold the same

belief, that is to make JINPAT a better company.JINPAT cannot develop 

without their contribution, and they cannot develop without JINPAT. 

Longmen Trip

2011/5/6 15:28:37

Longmen Trip

The grass grows, the flowers bloom, the Longmen in April, the climate is pleasant, Walking along the Yihe river with companions, the bells of xiangshan temple over a long, and they sound very refreshed.


In Longmen Grottoes

Find a spiritual journey

Happy tour the world of Longmen

Travel can be relaxing

The scenery along the way also makes people linger

The sun is shining brightly

Jinpat people are here now

To leave the best youth for each other

Happy and beautiful

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