LPW-05 Series Wind Turbine Slip Ring

  1. Circuits  29 circuits
  2. Electronic & Electrical 63A/20A/12A/6A/2A 120VAC/230VAC/400VAC/24VDC
  3. Mechanic 0-25 rpm
  4. Environment -40℃ to +80℃ IP65
  5. Life  ≥20 years


Benefits & Features Specifications


This unit can be used in any electromechanical system that requires unrestrained, continuous rotation while transferring power or data from a stationary to a rotating structure. It is also called a rotary electrical interface, commutator, collector, swivel or an electrical rotary joint. It can improve electromechanical capability, simplify system design, eliminate possible damage while rotation.

This is constantly being extended in order to also meet the developments in signal and data Transmission. JINPAT has developed a com-prehensile standard programmed that is able to offer optimum solutions. The standard programmed enables the creation of slip ring bodies of any number of poles up to 100 for power and data/signal currents.  Slip ring bodies can be supplied either as open slip ring bodies to be built per customers’ requirements or in a housing of impact-resistant plastic or sheet metal.


◆ 29 circuits models

◆  Electrical dataq

◆ Compatible with data bus protocols

◆ Sealed units are available

◆ Control and data transmission

◆ Wiring and max. number of poles 

◆ More technical details

◆ Volume of delivery

◆ Flexible, color-coded, silver-plated, lead wires

◆ Precision ball bearings meet or exceed life requirements for most commercial applications


◆ Digital signals up to max. 500 kB 

◆ Amperages up to 1200 A and volt- age up to 24 kV

◆ Diameters > 10 m, high rotation speed

◆ Extreme operating conditions

◆ Protection class: IP 65

Main Application

◆ Wind turbine generator


◆ Reinforced bearing

◆ Tube and rotary transmission

◆ Heating 

◆ Vent plug

◆ Fiber data transmission

◆ Provide encoder according to different design model

Working Temperature-20℃~ +60℃
Working Humidity0-100%RH
Operating Speed0-30RPM
Voltage Rating120VAC/230VAC/400VAC/24VDC
Current Rating63A/20A/12A/6A/2A
Dielectric Strength≥1000V@50Hz between each circuit
Insulation Resistance500MΩ@ 500VDC
Contact MaterialGold-Gold
Lead Wire SizeAWG6#/AWG12#/AWG16#/AWG17#
Lead Wire LengthRotor 400mm/ Stator 400mm
Housing MaterialAluminum Alloy
Maintenance PeriodAnnually



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