LPW-0340-23S Wind Turbine Slip Rings

  1. Circuits  5circuits@ power 23circuits@signal
  2. Electronic & Electrical 3@50~200A 400VAC 24VDC
  3. Mechanic 0-25 rpm
  4. Environment –40°C~+80°C IP65
  5. Life  ≥220 million turns


Benefits & Features Specifications

Wind Turbine Slip Ring

This unit of product is constantly being extended in order to also meet the
developments in signal and data Transmission. JINPAT has developed
a com-prehensile standard programmed that is able to offer optimum
It can provide power supply, transmit control signal and communication signal.

1. 23 circuits models
2. Scope of application: 1.25~2.0MW1.25~2.0MW
3. Gold to gold
4. Long life
5. Outlet way: rotor side connection, stator side junction box connection
6. With lightning protection box, junction box with surge protection

Product Technical Parameters

Number of Circuits3 +23 SCurrent3 circuits@ 40A, 23 circuits@signal
Voltage Rating400VAC(power),24VDC(signal)Operating Speed0~25RPM
Working Temperature–40°C~+80°Cscope of application1.25~2.0MW
Housing materialAluminum alloy paintTorque1N·M
Working lifeAbout 220 million RPM(According to the working environment)Contact materialGold / Gold
Dynamic resistance fluctuation≤10mΩ(at 50rpm)Protection ClassIP65
Pressure strength≥500V@50Hz(power)
Lead Size7-core shielded cable / four-core shielded wire /
Four core CAN bus
Insulation Resistance500MΩ@500VDC(power)
Working Humidity0~100%RH


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