LPT038-02E3 Ethernet Slip Rings

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Benefits & Features Specifications


A slip ring is an electromechanical component that can transfer current , data signal from a fixed fixture to a rotating device, also known as a conductive slip ring, electric brush, collector ring, rotating electrical joint, or electrical rotor.

Ethernet Slip Ring is specifically designed for 250Mhz frequency signal, which can be used to transmit 100M / 1000M Ethernet signal, it possess the advantages of transmission stability, no packet loss, non-string code, small return loss, low insertion loss etc. This series of product structure with reference to international Ethernet standards and protocol requirements for the design, signal processing greatly reduces the unshielded twisted pair crosstalk and attenuation issues. 1G full-duplex and half-duplex interface mode are generic.

Ethernet Slip Ring Features

1. Stable signal transmission, no packet loss, no string code, return loss is small, low insertion loss

2. Can transmit multi-channel low-frequency signal and current

3. Hybrid electrical power and signal paths

4. Can transmit 100M / 1000M Ethernet signal

5. International Ethernet standards and protocols require design

6. RJ45 connector, CAT cable optional

7. Hollow core The maximum through hole can be designed to 80mm

you can choose our capsule or hollow shaft slip ring shape, the largest hollow shaft through-hole can be designed to 80mm, more size optional


1. Configured for Ethernet transmission

2. High performance contact technology

3. Available with multiple Ethernet, power and signal combinations

4. Standard RJ45 connector for direct plug-and-play standard (M12 and other options available upon request)


1. 10 / 100 / 1000BaseT transmission

2. Video over Ethernet

3. CCTV IP-surveillance

4. Motion control


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