LPT025-0530-08E-08E-04S Ethernet Slip Rings

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Benefits & Features Specifications


A slip ring is a rotating joint that connects two devices and transmit signal during 360 degree rotation. Conductive slip ring can transmit various types of signals, which can transmit Ethernet, USB, RS, Canbus, FireWire, servo motor signal, encoder signal, strain gauge signal, thermocouple and other signals.

while it can mix electrical power channel and signal channel, using CAT5 super-5 network cable, line length up to 2MM, for which can simultaneously transmit multi-channel low-frequency signal and current,  This series of product structure with reference to international Ethernet standards and protocol requirements for the design, signal processing greatly reduces the unshielded twisted pair crosstalk and attenuation issues. 1G full-duplex and half-duplex interface mode are generic.


1. Support GBit,10M/100M/1000M transmitting.

2. Configured for Ethernet transmission

3. RJ45 connector for direct plug-and-play

4. High performance contact technology

5. Available with multiple Ethernet, power and signal combinations


1. RJ45 connector at the terminal of cable

2. Aluminum alloy housing

3. Through hole in the center of slip ring


1. 10 / 100 / 1000BaseT transmission

2. Video over Ethernet

3. CCTV IP-surveillance

4. Motion control


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