LPKS028-02S-U2 Pancake Slip Rings

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Benefits & Features Specifications

Flat Disc Electrical Slip Ring Assembly 

Pancake slip ring is used in highly limited space extend transverse space that could satisfy the requirement of special space series of slip ring. Mainly used for transmitting precise signals and power supply. With low torque and low loss maintenance; Low electrical noise, super long life and other characteristics. LPKS028-02S-U2(JP18-035-01) ultra-thin pancake slip ring, the thickness is only 28mm, with high-precision processing technology, contact materials using precious metals + super-hard gold-plated treatment, stable operation, resistance fluctuations. 


1.  Can be combined with fluid media transmitting

2.  Power and various signal combination

3.  Smooth operation and reliable performance

4.  Low work speed and low electrical noise

5.  Compact structure & maintenance free

6.  Brush with precious metals, with high stability, high reliability and other characteristics, so as to ensure excellent transmission performance and rotation performance.

7. 60% of our products are custom made



2 circuits

Operating Speed


Working Temperature

-20℃~ +60℃

Working Humidity

60%RH or higher


Voltage Rating

380VAC/DC or higher

Current  Rating

5A per circuit

Dielectric Strength

≥1000V@50Hz between each circuit

Insulation Resistance

1000MΩ@ 500VDC

Electrical Noise

1mΩ Min


Contact Material

Precious metal

Lead Wire Size

Tinning AWG22

Lead Wire Length

Standard 300mm (11.811inch)


≤0.12 g·m  (for reference )


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