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LPA000-02120-01PE-Large Volume Series Slip ring

Voltage 2000VAC
Dielectric Strength 6000VAC@50Hz
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LPA000-02120-01PE   Slip Ring features high working voltage, withstand high sealing pressure and anti-explosion.   An integrated slip ring solutions that enable a safe and reliable 360-degree constantly rotary transmission of power, signals, gas and fluid.

1. To enhance the technology standard of slip ring for mining equipment.
2. This slip ring has gone through high sealing pressure test. Provides precious experience for enhancing wire sealing.
3. Provide practical and powerful slip ring solutions for the electric oil drilling system.

Technical Breakthrough:
1. Enable a reliable 360-degree rotary high voltage transmission in a compact structure.
2. Rid of sealing problems caused by wire leads going through drill rod.
3. Anti-explosion features.

Electronic & ElectrucMechanical
Rating Voltage2000VACWorking Speed200RPM
Rated current


installationVertical Installation
Compressive strength6000VAC@50HzContact Material

Copper graphite

Insulation Resistance


HousingStainless steel316/42CrMO
Working Temperature-20°C~+65°CApplication

Oil Drilling Pipe

Working Humidity≥95%RH
IPWaterproof at 69mpaOther/

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