Jinpat Developed Wind Turbine Slip Ring

2016/9/16 10:17:30


Jinpat Developed Wind Turbine Slip Ring


Facing the increasingly serious environmental problems, it has become a global consensus to vigorously develop renewable energy represented by wind power.  Wind power industry occupies an important position in the long-term development of China's economy, and it is one of the important clean energy resources in our country. After entering the "13th Five-Year" in 2017, the prospects for the development of wind power industry have been clear. The rapid development of wind power industry has driven the rise of the surrounding industries, and wind power generation cannot be separated from the wind turbine slip ring.

The wind turbine slip ring belongs to a subclass of conductive slip ring, which belongs to high-tech products. The wind power slip ring is a rotating joint component of the rotating fan blade and main shaft connecting part in wind power generation equipment. This component is the only one channel to communicate the signal between the blades and the fan, and many sensor data must pass through the wind power slip ring, which is transmitted from one to another. And it's the only one that needs different movements, and it's prone to wear and tear. This part is out of order; the whole typhoon electric equipment is completely scrapped. Therefore, the position and function of the wind turbine slip ring in the wind power equipment is very critical. After a large number of case studies and field investigations, the company takes into consideration the various problems that wind power slip rings need to be solved; different solutions are designed for different specific applications of the fan.

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At present, we are developing and producing wind power generation special slip ring LPW series for large wind power equipment, which is suitable for power generation equipment with power generation capacity of 0.75-5.0 MW, The utility model has higher protection level, and aiming at the problem that the gear box oil leakage affects the work of the slip ring at home, the sealing device is added at the rotor joint, this will not only to prevent oil entry, but also greatly affect the rotor rotating torque. And in view of the abnormal weather changes in recent years, in order to prevent the bad long-term high (low) temperature, install the cooling device and the low temperature automatic heating device, to ensure the reliability of the products. With the development of new vertical wind turbines, the demand for small and medium-sized wind power slip rings is increasing gradually, From the exquisite capsule slip ring to the multi-channel large current hollow shaft slip ring, to the optical fiber slip ring and the photoelectric mixed slip ring, various problems should be solved in the small and medium-sized fan system slip ring.

The offshore wind resource is rich, the power generation is large, and the operation time is long, Moreover, due to the relatively stable offshore wind resources, it is a key area for the development of international wind power industry to reduce the damage of transmission system due to the high speed of incising wind speed. However, due to the high humidity on the sea, the humidity range and temperature range of the slip ring are very important parameters, JINPAT slip ring nothing from the selection of raw materials to the final design, are able to ensure that the wind turbine slip ring, with good resistance to low temperature, high humidity, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, vibration resistance, stable performance, without maintenance and so on. The aluminum alloy shell can effectively improve the strength of the shell, and the protection grade can reach IP66


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