JINPAT Rotary Unions and Integrated Solutions

2022-02-09 21:13 JINPAT Electronics

Aside from slip rings, rotary unions that transmit fluid and gas are also JINPAT’s major products. Rotary unions are also known as rotating unions and rotary joints. They are key component to connect the stationary supply passage to a rotating part to allow a flow of gas/fluid to travel between. Given the specific medium being transmitted, there is a rigorous standard of the rotary union to ensure a safe and reliable transmission.

JINPAT Electronics, is a vigorous electronic component manufacturer specialized in slip rings and rotary unions. JINPAT rotary unions support 1~16 passages with a maximum working pressure of 40Mpa. M5 is the default connector, clients can also choose other connectors like G1/8, G3/8, G1/4 and G1/2, etc. Passage diameter is optional from φ4mm to φ15mm.

JINPAT Rotary Unions

JINPAT rotary unions adopt special material and processing technique. The rotation axis surface is handled through high-end mirror processing and therefore able to attain a smoother and lasting rotation. Besides, the high precision bearings ensure low friction and low torque so the rotary unions are able to attain a stable and reliable transmission while rotating. And the upper class seals guarantee no leakage. And the part wear condition is detectable without disassembling the rotary union and therefore to replace or fix the union beforehand to prevent shutdown and damage of the application.

JINPAT Integrated Slip Ring

JINPAT standard rotary unions are sufficient to fulfill general task of transmitting fluid and gas. If customers have other needs, they can order a custom solution. JINPAT rotary unions can be integrated with power slip ring, signal slip rings, optical slip rings and high frequency rotary joints to better serve in various platforms. Feel free to consult JINPAT technical team to find out the best solution for you!