JINPAT Electrical Rotary Joints for Simulation Table

2022-01-19 17:15JINPAT Electronics

High-end simulation equipment and devices like simulation tables and multi-axis simulator require accurate and constant rotation of different component parts. The simulation systems are to simulate actual rotary environment for human and other objects being tested. Therefore, rotary joints are needed in this kind of system to enable a robust rotation while executing accurate rotating angel and speed.

JINPAT Electronics, an experienced slip ring manufacturer in China, has provided numerous rotary joint and slip ring solutions for simulation tables. LPT000-073-6402-FO01-E3 is one of JINPAT’s rotary joints especially developed for simulation table. From its coding, we can learn that it is built on the JINPAT through bore slip ring series. This rotary joint is able to transmit power, signals, optical signals as well as Gigabit Ethernet signals. This hybrid slip ring is very versatile with a reliable performance and long service life which can satisfy the need in the simulator. According to the specific data type of the multi-axis simulation platform, JINPAT can also provide other custom solutions that cover signals like USB signals and radio frequency signals. For such combination, LPT000-1002-U2-E3-HF02 is a very typical rotary joint model.

If the former mentioned rotary joints do not fit your application, you can talk to JINPAT’s technical team to work a custom solution for you. JINPAT can also produce simulator slip ring with hydraulic and pneumatic transmission.