JINPAT Electronics LPMS High Definition Video Signal Slip Ring Breaks New Record

2021-12-01 14:49JINPAT Electronics

Thanks to its super mini size and light weight, JINPAT LPMS super miniature slip ring can be applied in small applications and devices. Its compact design makes its rather popular and flexible. This slip ring series has the largest annual production among all the JINPAT slip ring products. There are 15 standard slip rings in the LPMS series.

Among LPMS custom slip rings, most are developed basing on the 15 standard models. Given the super mini size and limited channels, certain types of signals can’t be transmitted. To solve this problem, the custom solutions demands a brand new design and molding.  

JINPAT Super Miniature Slip Ring LPMS-05D

Twisted pairs and more complex grouping can be adopted for JINPAT LPMS custom multi-channel slip rings to enable transmission of common computer signals like Ethernet signals and USB signals. Besides, custom super miniature slip ring can be made to support industrial control signals. JINPAT LPMS slip rings support transmission of up to 30 different kinds of signals. In terms of transmitting high definition video signals, JINPAT develops SDI slip ring that fulfill this function.

Since SDI signals only demand coaxial wire to transmit, which is space-saving. It demands 3 channels at most. JINPAT’s latest high definition video signal slip ring is developed from LPMS-05D. The custom slip ring integrates 1 1080P@30FPS SDI channel, 2 1A power channel and is coded LPMS-05D-0201-SD1. Taking the prototype of LPMS-05D, this custom model is the smallest HD video signal slip ring developed by JINPAT and is a record breaker HD video signal slip ring in terms of size and weight.