Slip Rings for Large Professional Photography Studios

2023-06-06 23:36 JINPAT Electronics

As a widely used component in various industries, slip rings findextensive applications. JINPAT, an experienced slip ring manufacturer, offersthousands of different types of slip rings for numerous industries. Among theseindustries, the field of film and television production is relatively niche,with a lesser demand for slip rings. In the film and television industry, sliprings are primarily used in film production and auxiliary equipment, such asphotography booms, portable professional stabilizers, and other DIYaccessories. Additionally, in high-definition television broadcasting setups, sliprings are utilized in systems like the "Fei Mao" system andtelevision OB (Outside Broadcasting) vans.

LPMS-12U (3)水印图.jpg

Taking professional stabilizers as an example, their yaw axis canrotate 360 degrees, combined with the pitch and roll axes, allowing theattached camera equipment to capture various desired shots. Inside the yaw axisof professional stabilizers, a dedicated miniature slip ring is installed. The sliprings provided by JINPAT for such stabilizers belong to the LPMS series, with arange of 8 to 15 circuits. Models include LPMS-08D, LPMS-10C, LPMS-12U,LPMS-15, etc. These products have a maximum diameter of 7.4mm and arecontrolled within a minimum of 5.5mm. Compared to slip rings used in otherauxiliary photography equipment, those used in portable professional stabilizersare simple in both functionality and structure.

Photography booms are used to support heavier professional-gradephotography equipment. Many booms come equipped with heavy-duty stabilizers,which also require the support of slip rings. Slip rings developed by JINPATfor photography booms are mainly based on partial LPM and LPC1C standardproducts. The LPM series standard products can transmit power while supportingthe mixed transmission of simple signals and currents, but they do not supporthigh-definition video signal transmission. On the other hand, the LPC1C seriesintegrates LPCC series single-channel products capable of transmitting up to12G-SDI high-definition video signals. If there is a need in the market fortransmitting more than one channel of high-definition video signals, the idealchoice would be the LPHF series high-frequency slip rings by JINPAT. Byreplacing the external coaxial line with a 75-ohm impedance cable, these sliprings can transmit 12G-SDI signals. Therefore, the LPHF series high-frequencyslip rings are the perfect tool for transmitting multiple channels of 12G-SDIsignals in the film and television industry's DIY equipment.

In photography studio shooting environments, proper lighting setupis crucial for capturing ideal shots. In addition to fixed lighting, occasionaldesign of lighting equipment is necessary for assistance in photography. Forexample, on the set of the film "The Wandering Earth 2," the crewdesigned a large searchlight turntable to simulate the required ambient light.A slip ring is installed in the center of the turntable. Since the turntable ismanually operated, there is no need to add control signal pathways to the slipring used, simplifying the structure and reducing costs. Due to the high powerof the searchlights, standard-hole-type slip rings capable of transmitting acurrent of 15A are used to meet the requirements. The specific number ofcircuits and aperture sizes can be chosen based on practical considerations.