Small-Sized Integrated Gas-Liquid-Electric Multi-Module Slip Rings

2023-05-30 00:24 JINPAT Electronics

As a well-known manufacturer in the slip ring industry, JINPATintroduces a large number of integrated gas-liquid-electric multi-module sliprings every year. Typically, JINPAT gas-liquid-electric integrated slip ringsare not of integral structure; they are primarily composed of gas-liquid slipring and electric slip ring modules combined together. However, some models oftheir small-sized gas-liquid-electric integrated slip rings employ a convenientand efficient splicing method, where a specific model from the gas-liquid andcapsule series standard products is selected as a module, and then the twomodules are joined together. This design is particularly suitable for machineryand equipment with high production volume.

Nevertheless, the splicing approach for large-scale applicationsis relatively less common in JINPAT gas-liquid integrated slip ring cases. Now,let us introduce JINPAT latest small-sized gas-liquid-electric integrated slipring products.

LPPL000-02L-3310-01E2 (11).jpg

First, let's take a look at the LPPL000-02L-3310-01E2 integratedproduct. Its gas-liquid slip ring module features 2 channels for transmittinghydraulic oil with a working pressure of up to 200 bar. The electric slip ringmodule integrates 33 channels of 10A and 1 channel of Gigabit Ethernet signalpathways. The dimensions of this product are as follows: gas-liquid moduleΦ160×130mm, electric slip ring Φ86×180mm.

In comparison, the LPL000-04A-1202 product is smaller in size. Thetotal length of the combined gas-liquid and electric modules is only 106.5mm(excluding the rotor), with a rotor end length of 14.4mm (excludingconnectors). The electric slip ring part of this product adopts a customizedcapsule slip ring with a high protection level, featuring 12 channels of 2A.The gas-liquid module includes 4 channels supporting a maximum of 6 bar airpressure. When vertically installed, the product has an IP54 protection level.

Lastly, let us introduce the LPPL000-02A-06S from JINPAT. Thisproduct's gas-liquid module has 2 channels for transmitting steam, with aworking pressure of 2 bar. The electric module integrates thermocouple signals,with a total of 6 loops and 2 sets of signals. The wire used is a K-typethermocouple compensation wire. Although this product has only 8 integratedchannels, its size is not compact. The total length, excluding the rotor,reaches 143.8mm, and the rotor end length is 36mm. Furthermore, the gas-liquid moduleof this integrated slip ring has a diameter of 93mm and is equipped with aflange of 117mm diameter for convenient installation. When horizontallyinstalled, this slip ring has an IP54 protection level.

JINPAT small-sized gas-liquid-electric integrated slip ringproducts offer a variety of specifications and options to meet the needs ofdifferent devices. Whether in terms of size, channel count, or protectionlevel, JINPAT continues to innovate and improve, providing customers withhigh-quality slip ring solutions.