JINPAT Super Multi Personalized Hollow Shaft Slip Ring Customization Scheme

2023-03-26 23:13 JINPAT Electronics

Hollow shaft slip rings are a strategic product of JINPAT,which can be divided into two categories: standard and customized. The standardmodel of JINPAT hollow shaft only transmits current, with four specificationsof 2A, 5A, 10A, and 15A. Among them, the product with a 12.7mm aperture is relativelyspecial, with only a 2A product in this series and no 15A model. In addition,products with other standard apertures are all current products of 5A, 10A, and15A. The products of the standard model are designed based on the developmenthistory of the electromechanical industry, so they have good versatility.However, in some cases, the standard model cannot meet the needs of certainequipment, so customization is required.

Like other industrial industries, the customizationrate of slip ring products is very high in the slip ring industry. As aglobally renowned slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT customization rate forproducts has reached nearly 95%. Among these customized products, hollow shaftslip rings are one of the main products, with various appearances andfunctional module combinations. These customized versions of hollow shaft sliprings can integrate telecommunication signals, gas-liquid modules, multiplesignal channels, power modules, as well as integrated products such as optoelectronicsand high-frequency, etc.


The JINPAT hollow shaft slip ring provides a widerange of combinations, including options for the shell, main shaft material,and structural design. For example, the recently customized LPT050-0601 hollowshaft slip ring model by JINPAT is a very simple product in terms of itsparameters, with only six 1A current paths integrated. However, this producthas a very unique design. Firstly, both the shell and main shaft are made ofSUS304 stainless steel, which is completely different from JINPAT's otherhollow shaft slip rings. The stainless steel color of the slip ring's shell andmain shaft, along with the anti-vibration structural design, give this type ofslip ring strong anti-vibration and impact resistance capabilities.Additionally, with an IP64 protection level, it can operate stably for a longtime in harsh environments.

In addition to these highly personalized customizedproducts, JINPAT is also actively exploring modular integration of hollow shaftslip rings. By using the center through-hole of the hollow shaft slip ring,fiber optic slip rings, high-frequency slip rings with flanges, and capsuleslip rings with flanges can be installed, allowing for very flexible combinationsand saving a lot of product development time. JINPAT has rich productdevelopment experience and strong technical strength in slip ring fields suchas engineering machinery, and has the ability to develop special slip rings forvarious types of special vehicles and machinery, providing products such asmulti-signal power integration, gas-liquid electric multi-module integrationslip rings to fully meet various needs.