Technical solutions for RoboMaster Robotics Slip Rings for the 2023 season

2023-03-19 01:56 JINPAT Electronics

In the 2023 season of the RoboMasterUniversity League, there will be infantry and 3v3 battles. In thesecompetitions, both sides need to independently develop infantry robots, herorobots, and sentry robots, and engage in tactical battles on designated fieldsby controlling the robots to shoot projectiles to attack enemy robots andbases. Slip rings are required for these robots.

Based on the product cases that JINPAT hasprovided to various teams over the years, infantry robots mainly consume theLPC and LPM series of standard slip rings, and the number of slip ring circuitsis between 24 and 30. Based on past experience, the LPM-24A is the largest slipring consumed by infantry robots. This product is sized at φ15.5×39.7mm, andthe basic electrical parameters of the LPM series slip rings are: rated currentof 1A per circuit and a rated operating voltage of 110VAC.


In the new season, some teams have startedto use new types of infantry robots, which require slip rings with USB 3.0signals. As a globally leading and experienced slip ring manufacturer, JINPAThas over 10 years of experience in developing USB 3.0 signal slip rings.According to the competition requirements, JINPAT has also prepared twotechnical solutions using integrated USB 3.0 signal slip rings. These twoproducts are both based on the LPC medium-sized capsule slip rings. The productbased on the LPC-24A, after integrating a USB 3.0 signal slip ring, can stillretain 9 circuits of 2A current. The product based on the LPC-30A can retain upto 15 circuits of 2A current. Both products have a diameter of 22mm, with alength of 42.3mm for LPC-24A and 49.8mm for LPC-30A. Compared to the standardLPM-24 model, the volume and weight of these two LPC series slip rings will notincrease significantly, and their impact on the balance of infantry robots canbe ignored.

Slip rings used in hero robots and sentryrobots are mainly based on JINPAT' hollow shaft series. The standard slip ringmodels commonly used for these two types of robots include LPT050-1205,LPT050-1210, LPT025-2405, etc. In addition to standard slip ring products,these two types of robots also use a large number of customized slip ringmodels, with most of the customized aperture diameters ranging between 20-60mm.Within this range, 25.4mm, 38.1mm, 50mm, and 60mm are JINPAT' standard aperturediameters. Customizing slip rings based on these diameters will result infaster delivery times. The largest outer diameter product in this category is astandard product with a 60mm aperture, reaching 135mm.

For the height of these through-hole sliprings, we can make a rough estimate based on the length of the standardproduct's current path. Changing the current path of the standard product to asignal path will slightly reduce the height of the product, and changing thevoltage from 220VAC to 24V will further reduce the height of the slip ring. Forexample, if a custom slip ring with a 24V working voltage, a through-holediameter of 50mm, 6 channels of 10A power rings, and 6 channels of commonsignal rings is required, the size of the standard product model LPT050-1210 inthe JINPEI product manual can be referenced. The height of the customized slipring will be slightly lower than the standard product.