JINPAT new gas-liquid electric signal integrated slip ring

2023-03-19 01:06 JINPAT Electronics

Gas-liquid electric signal integrated slipring is a widely used transmission device in the automation and other equipmentfields. As an internationally renowned slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT has beencommitted to providing high-quality Gas-liquid electric signal integrated slipring solutions for global customers. In the process of continuous improvementand innovation, JINPAT has launched a new gas-liquid electric signal integratedslip ring, model LPPL000-14L-01A-4005-01E3.


This model slip ring integrates 14 liquidpassages, 1 gas passage, 40 5A current passages, and 1 gigabit signal passage.Its gas-liquid module is highly distinctive. The length of the gas-liquidmodule reaches 1092mm, which is the longest gas-liquid module among JINPAT'gas-liquid integrated slip rings. The liquid module of this gas-liquid slipring integrates cooling water and hydraulic oil passages. Its hydraulic oilpassage can withstand a pressure of up to 250Bar, which is the highestpressure-bearing capacity among JINPAT' multi-passage gas-liquid electricintegrated slip rings. In addition, the rotor and stator of the gas-liquidelectric signal integrated slip ring are respectively processed with twodifferent special stainless steels, SUS304 and martensite, ensuring thedurability and reliability of the product.

The electrical slip ring module of thismodel product is installed at the stator end of the gas-liquid electric slipring, and the wires pass through the through hole in the center of thegas-liquid electric slip ring, integrating 40 5A current passages. Theelectrical slip ring module is installed at the end of the rotor of thegas-liquid module. In order to meet the usage requirements of terminalequipment, the wire used in the integrated slip ring of this model is also aspecial 10-core shielded wire, and the signal wire is a LAPP CAT5e networkcable, and the connector is an RJ45 connector used in a conventional networkcable. In addition, in order to further protect the safety of the wire andfacilitate installation, a end cover is added to the tail of the electricalslip ring module of the integrated slip ring of this model, and there is a sidehole on the end cover, and the stator wire of the electrical slip ring extendsoutward from the side hole.

Overall,LPPL000-14L-01A-4005-01E3 is a fully functional, structurally stable, and safegas-liquid electric signal integrated slip ring, which can be widely used invarious automation and other equipment fields. As an experienced slip ringmanufacturer, JINPAT continuously innovates and improves products to meetdifferent customer needs while ensuring product quality.