JINPAT professional slip rings for heavy indoor equipment

2023-03-06 22:55 JINPAT Electronics

In some specialized warehouse systems, itis necessary to use extra-large cranes or material grabbing conveyingequipment. When these devices are equipped with the ability to rotate 360degrees, there is a high probability that they will be equipped with a dedicatedslip ring. As the world's earliest slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT has developedmany representative product cases for this field of equipment. Recently, JINPAThas produced such a product, which belongs to the JINPAT LPA series and has themodel number LPA550-0370-01PE-1510.


In the JINPAT LPA series of slip rings,this product is relatively special, with a through-hole diameter of 550mm. Thisvalue can still rank among the top three in the large current slip ringsdeveloped by JINPAT. This slip ring has an IP54 protection level and is appliedin indoor large-scale warehouse material conveying systems. Compared with otherslip rings used in other equipment, this product is relatively simple infunction, only integrating 3 channels of 70A and 15 channels of 10A currentcircuits. To ensure long-term stable operation, all circuits of this productuse carbon brush friction pairs. In JINPAT's ordinary slip rings, the 10Acurrent circuit generally uses a wire brush friction pair.

In response to the rotating conductiveneeds of large machinery in indoor scenarios, in addition to this type ofextra-large through-hole carbon brush slip ring, JINPAT can also provide othersolutions, such as carbon brush slip rings with a separable structure design.The copper ring and shell of these slip rings are divided into two halves,which can be directly assembled on the column of heavy equipment with anextra-large diameter. Slip rings with this structure design also have greatadvantages in later maintenance and disassembly.

In addition to the overall structure ofhigh current and separable carbon brush slip rings, pancake slip rings can alsobe used in this type of heavy equipment to solve rotating conductive problems.The pancake slip ring has an unparalleled advantage, that is, it occupies avery small axial space. Of course, in order to transmit a larger power, thistype of pancake slip ring still uses a carbon brush friction pair. Similarly,this large pancake slip ring also supports a separable structure design foreasy installation and later maintenance.