JINPAT Special Customized Slip Ring

2023-03-06 00:21 JINPAT Electronics

JINPAT customized slip rings have a veryhigh customization rate. If we look at the number of models alone, thesecustomized products account for more than 90% of the total. JINPAT updatesdozens of new customized slip ring models every month. In addition to theconventional integrated signal slip rings, there are also manyproducts that are special in appearance and function. Next, we will brieflyintroduce some representative models.

First, let's take a look at a pinconnection slip ring. In terms of application, pin connection slip rings aremore special compared to other types of slip rings, and their application rangeis not as extensive. The latest customized product model from JINPAT isLPR-8H-0202-6S-IP65. The rotor of this slip ring uses the mold of LPR-8H, soits internal structure is the same as the standard model. The advantage of thisapproach is that the product technology is mature and the service life canreach the highest standard of the control standard slip ring. The difference ofthis slip ring is that its protection level is up to IP65, so its shell and endcover structure have been redesigned to increase the protection level, andaluminum alloy shell is used instead of the standard product's engineeringplastic shell.


Since most of the LPR series slip ringswill be installed on packaging machinery, the signals integrated in theircustomized products are mainly thermocouples. However, the signal module ofthis LPR-8H-0202-6S-IP65 slip ring is different from the usual customizedproducts. It integrates 2 channels of CANBUS signals and 4 channels of ordinaryelectrical signals, among which the CAN signal is relatively rare in generalmachinery and is mostly used in vehicles. The 4 channels of ordinary electricalsignal path in this pin connection slip ring are also relatively special, andeach channel can support data transmission of 250 KBuad.

In addition to this LPR pin connectionproduct, JINPAT has also updated two special models of the separate series sliprings. The appearance and structure of these two models are quite special, andtheir naming method is also slightly different from other products, namelyLPS-6W-0602 and LPS-4W-0402, respectively. Both of them integrate 6 and 4 channelsof 2A current paths, respectively. There are also similar products to these twoslip rings, such as LPS-0705. The friction pairs of these slip rings usecontact points and copper ring contacts, instead of the traditional structureof brush frames and brush wire combinations with copper ring contacts.Therefore, when using them, the rotor is installed and removed by plug-inmethod.