Slip Ring in Advanced Marine Development Equipment

2023-02-26 23:28 JINPAT Electronics

As a key component for solving the problem of wire winding during the rotation process, slip rings are an important member inthe advanced marine development equipment industry chain. In recent years,JINPAT has provided various conductive slip rings for marine equipmentmanufacturing.

Slip rings are installed on the base ofsmall-tonnage telescopic boom cranes and on the cable drums of heavy-dutycranes on various engineering vessels. The slip rings developed by JINPAT formarine cranes are all of the airframe-type structure high-current series. Theseproducts have high working voltage and transmission power. In order to adapt todifferent application environments, JINPAT engineers will integrate heating andcooling devices or both inside the products. Slip rings used on oil drillingplatforms will also have explosion-proof design.

For example, JINPAT LPA000-09800-01PE-3020-04L is a high-current slip ring developed for aprofessional marine floating crane. Its high-current module integrates 9channels of 800A current and 1 grounding channel. The voltage of this module is440VAC, and the remaining 30 channels of 20A current are 230VAC. Single-channelcurrents below 1000A and voltages of 380~600VAC are also the most commonly usedvoltage and current ranges for conductive slip rings in marine equipment. Forslip rings used in some special marine equipment, their voltage may be higher.


At the same power transmission capacity,high voltage means lower current, and high voltage can transmit electricity toa longer distance. Therefore, this type of slip ring is often seen on deep-seaexploration and scientific research vessels. These marine equipment slip ringsgenerally have a working voltage of 4000VAC or above. There are two types ofproducts that can be distinguished from their appearance structure. One is thetraditional carbon brush airframe-type slip ring, which has a larger volume andrepresentative products such as LPA000-0250-FO04. The other type of productuses a laminated structure of ordinary slip rings instead of an airframestructure. It selects special plastics that can withstand ultra-high voltage asinsulation material to ensure that the slip ring can operate normally at4000VAC or above voltage. The representative model of this type of slip ring isLPA000-2650-06S, etc.