JINPAT Multi-channel slip ring

2023-02-26 22:55 JINPAT Electronics

Multi-channel slip rings can be used inoptoelectronic gimbals. Multi-channel slip rings are transfer devices that havemultiple circuits and channels and can maintain stable transmission of multiplecircuits and channels during rotational movement. This type of slip ring can beused to connect various devices and sensors, including those used inoptoelectronic gimbals.

In optoelectronic gimbals, multiple sensorsand devices need to be connected for high-precision monitoring and detection ofthe surrounding environment. Using multi-channel slip rings can ensure stablecommunication and power supply of these sensors and devices during the rotationof the optoelectronic gimbal, thereby achieving efficient operation andperformance of the optoelectronic gimbal.

The LPC-3402-46S-HD01 ultra-multi-channelslip ring introduced today is a customized product of JINPAT. It is made ofaluminum alloy, with 34 channels * 2A, 46 channels * signal, 1 channel *HD-SDI. The metal-to-metal contact signal is accurately transmitted, meetingthe requirements of GJB150 vibration and impact, with IP54 protection level,and a service life of 20 million revolutions.


When choosing multi-channel slip rings, itis important to consider their quality and reliability to ensure their normaloperation and safe use. In addition, the design and installation ofmulti-channel slip rings should also comply with relevant standards andrequirements. Finally, regular maintenance and inspection of multi-channel sliprings are necessary to ensure their long-term stable operation and servicelife.

In summary, multi-channel slip rings are atype of slip ring that can be used in optoelectronic gimbals to provide stablecommunication and power support for the efficient operation and performance ofthe optoelectronic gimbal.