Application of JINPAT gas-liquid-electric integrated slip ring in lithium automatic liquid separator

2023-02-16 21:13 JINPAT Electronics

With the development of electrification, globallithium battery industry has risen rapidly. Most enterprises in the industryhave increased their investment and customized a large number of automaticlithium battery processing machinery. As an indispensable part of automaticmachinery, slip rings also appear in various equipment in the lithium batterymanufacturing industry.

As a pioneer of international slip ringmanufacturers, JINPAT has developed thousands of slip ring productsfor the automation industry, including products developed by the lithium batteryindustry. Among the products developed by JINPAT for the lithiumbattery industry, there are many kinds of gas-liquid-electric integrated sliprings.

Gas-liquid-electric integrated slip ring iscomposed of conductive slip ring and gas-liquid slip ring. Generally speaking,the conductive slip ring is responsible for transmitting electricity and thegas-liquid slip ring is responsible for transmitting compressed gas. The twomodules are processed independently and then connected together by bolts.


The representative product models of JINPAT include LPT000-

3205-06A, LPT000-3201-16A,LPT000-3205-48S-16A. These models are all applicable to lithium automaticliquid separator. From the perspective of electrical parameters, they aretypical products with common characteristics. For example, their conductiveslip ring module has 32 current paths, and the supported currents are 1A and5A. The current path of these products has the ability to support mixed signaland current transmission. However, it can only be used for some terminals withless signal transmission requirements. When the number of conductive slip ringsis relatively small and the terminal equipment needs more signal channels, itis necessary to add special signal modules in the conductive slip rings.LPT000-3205-48S-16A is a typical representative of this product. The conductiveslip ring module of this product integrates 32 5A current paths and 48 signalpaths. The gas-liquid module is 16 compressed air paths.According to the numberof channels of gas-liquid slip ring module of these products, the scale ofterminal equipment can be estimated, so the terminal equipment ofLPT000-3201-16A LPT000-3205-48S-16A is a relatively large and efficient fillingequipment.

As a well-known manufacturer in theinternational slip ring industry, the technical strength of JINPAT certainly without doubt.JINPAT has integrated products required toprovide various automation equipment for lithium battery manufacturing industry.