JINPAT high-end medical equipment signal integrated slip ring supplier

2023-01-31 14:23 JINPAT Electronics

The technical content of the products involved in the medical device industry is very high, and it is also an important application field for mid-to-high-end conductive slip rings. As an international conductive slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT has a history of developing conductive slip rings for medical devices for more than ten years. Up to now, there have been hundreds of products developed for this field. Among these product cases, there are basically few standard types. The products are basically deeply customized signal-integrated conductive slip rings. Next, we will simply select a few products to let you know about this kind of JEPAT slip rings.

First look at a small through-hole conductive slip ring LPT012B-0302-U2 developed by JINPAT for ophthalmic medical equipment.

This product integrates 3 2A current paths and 1 USB2.0 signal path. It is relatively structural and functional. Ordinary, it is an entry-level conductive slip ring for medical equipment. The reason why this product is listed is because this model is the medical equipment slip ring with the longest production period of JEPAT. It has been produced for more than 9 years by 2022. In order to ensure its vigorous vitality, it has been During the production process, it has also undergone many technical upgrades. In addition to USB signals, some modern medical equipment also use Ethernet signals. JINPAT also has many mature cases for this kind of Ethernet signal-integrated medical equipment conductive slip rings.

High-end medical slip ring.jpg

In addition to these two computer signal integrated products, JINPAT has developed the most signal slip rings for medical equipment or pulse signal slip rings. These conductive slip rings are mostly used in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular treatment equipment. These products have a common feature. That is to have a higher design speed, the highest can reach 8000rpm. Due to the special working mechanism, conductive slip rings with integrated pulse signals generally use RF coaxial lines to transmit signals, and their operating frequency is mostly 100MHz. JINPAT has developed products with up to 64 channels of pulse signals. In addition to these high-end medical equipment, the annual output of the conductive slip ring series developed by JINPAT for shadowless lamps is also very large

Emerging medical equipment or methods such as surgical robots and integrated operating rooms are slowly entering the medical field. In these medical equipment or solutions, there are a large number of advanced medical equipment that require the installation of conductive slip rings. These potential emerging markets are very attractive to professional conductive slip ring manufacturers like JINPAT. Of course, the temptation is the temptation. The real occupation of the market still depends on the strength of the manufacturer. As an old conductive slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT is in these Emerging fields have already stockpiled enough technologies and made various preparations.