Conductive slip rings for robots in the 2023 RoboMaster Mech Masters

2023-01-11 13:44 JINPAT Electronics

The new RoboMaster Mech Masters season is about to start. Due to some changes in the rules of the new season, the teams have to update some of their robots. Hero robots, Sentry robots, and infantry robots all need to use conductive slip-rings.

From the product cases provided by JINPATElectronics to various teams over the years, infantry robots mainly consume Jingpei Cap LPC and LPM two series of standard slip rings, and the number of conductive slip rings is between 24 and 30.

So far, LPM-24A, the product with the largest consumption size of φ15.5×39.7mm, is the largest conductive slip ring for infantry robots.

The basic electrical parameters of LPM series conductive slip rings are: single-channel rated current 1A and rated working voltage 110VAC.

In the new season, some teams are experimenting with a new type of infantry robot, which features a slip ring with a USB3.0 signal.

As the earliest registered conductive slip ring manufacturer in the Pearl River Delta region, JINPAT Electronics has more than 10 years of experience in the development of USB3.0 signal slip rings.


In response to the requirements of the RoboMaster competition, the company has also prepared two technical solutions for integrating USB3.0 signals. Both products have been developed based on the LPC medium cap slip ring. The product developed based on the LPC-24A can retain nine 2A current channels after integrating one USB3.0 signal slip ring. Products developed on the basis of LPC-30A can retain up to 15 2A current channels. With a diameter of 22mm, a length of 42.3mm for the LPC-24a, and a length of 49.8 for the LPC-30A, these two LPC series conductive slip rings do not increase in volume or weight significantly compared to the LPM-24 standard model, with negligible impact on the center of gravity of the infantry robot.


The conductive slip rings used by the Hero robot and the Sentinel robot are mainly based on the Crystal electronic hollow shaft series, and the common standard models of these two robots are LPT050-1205, LPT050-1210, LPT025-2405 and so on.

In addition to the standard products, these two kinds of robots also use a large number of custom models,

most of the aperture of custom models are between 20 and 60mm in diameter, in this interval, 25.4, 38.1, 50, 60mm are the standard aperture of Jingpeian electronics, on the basis of these apertures, the delivery speed will be faster. Among these products, the largest outside diameter is the standard 60mm aperture product, up to 135mm. As for the height of these through-hole conductive slip rings, you can make a rough estimate by referring to the length of the path number of the standard product.

Changing the current path of the standard product to the signal path will slightly reduce the height of the product. Changing the voltage from 220VAC to 24V will also further reduce the height of the conductive slip rings. For example, if you customize a conductive slip ring with 24V working voltage, 50mm pass hole diameter, integrated 6-way 10A power ring and 6-way ordinary signal ring, you can refer to the size of Jingpei product manual standard model LPT050-1210, the height of this customized product will be slightly lower than that of the standard product.