JINPAT geophysical exploration robot slip ring for instance

2023-01-10 13:32 JINPAT Electronics

Take JINPAT geophysical exploration robot slip ring for instance, it is coded as LPA000-0630-01PE-0620-30S and is particularly designed for oil drilling platform.

This high voltage photoelectrical slip ring integrates 6 30A power channels and 6 20A power channels.

The voltage of this module is as high as 3700V AC. Talking of the signal module, there are 26 signal channels,

4 analog video signal channels and an integrated single-mode fiber optic rotary joint with 4 channels.

To ensure the reliability and stability, the slip ring is with IP66 protection grading.


And the cables that are exposed needs extra shielding. Besides, this custom slip ring is unique in that silver graphite, copper graphite and gold-plated wire brush are adopted at the same time to cater the requirements of different powers and signal channels. Also, these features contribute to the high stability when transmitting power and signals in long operating time.