JINPAT Slip Rings for Broadcasting Vehicles

2022-12-27 01:37 JINPAT Electronics

Live broadcasting is a live report outdoors. To attain live broadcasting, many supporting devices are needed. Generally speaking, there is a broadcasting vehicle to contain all is needed for the live show. And slip rings play important part in the broadcasting vehicle. JINPAT Electronics as a slip ring manufacturer, has developed many slip ring models for broadcasting vehicles.

LPT000-0410-0205-03SD1-01E4 is JINPAT’s latest slip ring model for broadcasting vehicles. This is a hollow shaft slip ring with relatively high protection grading. In vertical installation, the protection grading can soar up to IP68. Therefore, this through bore rotary joint is able to cope with the complex outdoor environment.

The most significant feature of LPT000-0410-0205-03SD1-01E4 is that this slip ring integrates 3 SDI channels with 1 Gigabit Ethernet channel. To cater to the vehicle surroundings, this slip ring adopts anti-vibration design structure. And given the voltage limit in the vehicle-borne structure, this hollow shaft slip ring also takes up twisted pair to ensure a higher transmission capacity. Meantime, this design also provide enough space for back-up transmission module.

SDI signals are very essential for broadcasting vehicles. From the technical aspect, 1080P@60FPS becomes a very ubiquitous form of signal transmission on the outdoor broadcasting system. That is to say HD-SDI high definition video signal is the entry-level for broadcasting vehicles. With JINPAT Electronics’ current capacity, it has already developed slip rings and rotary joint that can support 4K@60FPS and 12G-SDI. This achievement is in debt to JINPAT’s independent develop collection the LPCC radio frequency series. By taking up 50Ω coaxial cables, this slip ring solution can be applied in radar system.  

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