JINPAT Electronics High Power Slip Rings for New Energy Construction Machines

2022-09-28 21:25 JINPAT Electronics

Recent years have witnessed the new energy technology stepped in the vehicle manufacture industry and gradually stretch into the construction machines and related manufacturing industry. China, as a country that has the most machine producing companies and the strongest drive to promote new energy, has joined the trend of introducing new energy in construction machines. To better fit the market demands, JINPAT also produces slip rings for new energy construction machines.

The slip ring is installed to allow electrical cable reel on the new energy crane to rotate and control wire length according to actual needs. Plug-in electrical construction machine slip rings can be further divided into two type; one is hybrid cranes that are propelled by both gasoline and electricity, the other is a pure electricity powered construction cranes.

Take hybrid powered crane for example, it adopts electrical slip ring that are also applicable on traditional construction machines. As for gasoline-free plug-in electrical construction machines, an electrical cable reel is needed. As an advanced slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT Electronics has developed dozens of custom electrical slip ring for these plug-in electrical construction machines.

JINPAT Electronics provides practical rotary joint solutions for electrical construction machines. Most of these solutions are large current integrated slip rings. JINPAT Electronics LPA000-06120-0730-0725PE-0805PE-08S-FO12 is an electrical slip ring specially designed for mining vehicles. It is a rather representative slip ring modern for electrical construction machines. From its coding, clients can already learn something about this complex and versatile slip ring. The large current slip ring adopts module design. In the large current module, there are 6 120A power channels, and the working voltage of this unit reaches 3150V. And the voltage of the 7 30A power channel part and the pneumatic module also get as high as 2200V. And the signal module which integrates 8 signal channels only accounts for 24V. What’s more, there is an integrated fiber optic rotary joint that consists of 6 single-mode optical channels and 6 multi-mode optical channels. This kind of single-mode and multi-mode optical signal integrated transmission is very rare.

To ensure a smooth and reliable operation of the slip ring, JINPAT endows the large current slip ring with high protection grading, up to IP56. Meanwhile, the inner structure is also adjusted to provide further protection to the slip ring unit. As for construction machines that demand better impact-shock endurance, clients can request IP66 on the custom slip ring.