Technical Introduction of JINPAT USB Slip Rings and Ethernet Signal Slip Rings

2022-09-09 16:51 JINPAT Electronics

In the age of electronic and mechanical integration, there are increasing numbers of equipment and devices that adopt computer signal like USB signals and Ethernet signals. And as a key component that allowing connecting joints rotate while transmitting signal and power at the same time, slip rings are made to fulfill such mission on the electromechanical system.

JINPAT develops Ethernet slip rings and USB slip rings.

However, in most cases, slip ring with sole capability to transmit USB signals and Ethernet signals is not enough. So integrated slip rings that can mix transmit different signals are invented. Aside from common electric signals, USB2.0 and USB3.0 are typical integration. Some slip ring can integrate USB1.0. Similarly, Gigabit Ethernet and 100M Ethernet can also be integrated transmit. And there is also slip ring solution that combine both USB signals and Ethernet signals.

Let’s look at USB1.0 integrated slip ring, it is coded LPMS-12U-0701-U2-U1. The working voltage is 48V and there is 1 USB2.0 channel and 1 USB1.0 channel. Another 7 1A power channels. From the coding, it is a revised model based on LPMS-12 standard super miniature slip rings. Therefore, it has the same inner structure and size as standard slip ring model. With an outer diameter of 6.5mm and a length of 17.4mm. It is one of JINPAT’s smallest USB2.0 slip ring models. LPMS-05D is even a smaller product.

Compared to USB1.0 slip ring, USB2.0 slip ring has wider applications. Our JINPAT team has developed a USB2.0 slip ring with 8 channels. This is the most multi-channel product of JINPAT slip ring. However, the transmission capacity of 8-channel USB2.0 slip ring is not comparable with USB3.0 slip ring. LPC-30A-0602-01U3-01U2 and LPC-30T-1402-01U2-01U3-E2 are typical slip ring model that transmit both USB2.0 and USB3.0 signals.

The features of Ethernet signals make them very practical for large structure. LPT000-1016-0202-02E3-03U2 is a typical large volume slip ring that integrates USB3.0 signal. The integrated USB3.0 part is installed within the through bore structure.

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