JINPAT Through Bore Slip Rings Best High Performance Solution for Robots

2022-08-01 17:32 JINPAT Electronics

Through bore slip rings are also named as hollow shaft slip rings. Given their special inner and external structure, their voltage withstand capacity is much higher than that of the capsule slip rings. Beside, hollow shaft slip rings enjoy a longer service life. The through bore can be installed on the drive shaft or it can be a pass for some special pipes and channels. This central through hole design makes through bore slip ring a perfect type for further integration. JINPAT hollow shaft slip rings can be integrated with hydraulic pneumatic rotary unions, high rotating speed slip ring and so on.

And among application fields of JINPAT Through Bore Slip Rings, the robot industry is the most important one. Since certain field has its unique requirements of the slip rings and rotary joints being applied, slip rings for the robotic industry are no doubt very characteristic. Firstly, let’s take a look at some standard slip ring models for PLC robots. In RoboMaster, a Chinese robot competition for college students, the construction robots and guard robots take up JINPAT standard through bore slip rings to enable joint rotation and power and signal transmission. The frequently applied hollow shaft models are with 12 10A channels or 18 5A channels. According to the demands of different team, the through hole diameter varies.

JINPAT hollow shaft slip rings are very popular among different robot team. It is thanks to the numerous upgrades and refinements of the slip ring products. With continuous devotion to improving slip ring performance, JINPAT through bore slip rings are highly stable in performance. Our hollow shaft slip rings have many advantages over other similar products like electronic performances, mechanical performances and service life. These three aspects are key factors when considering slip ring for robots. To allow special function on the construction robots, some customizations are made on the hollow shaft slip ring. For example, some power channels are substituted by RS channels and CAN channels.

Aside from encoded educational robots, robots in industrial manufacture like welding robots and crane robots, also favor through bore slip rings. And pure through bore slip rings are not sufficient to answer the complex needs in industry production, custom solutions are needed. As for custom integrated through bore slip rings, JINPAT Electronics has already provided many practical and efficient solutions for our clients. For more information and advice, please contact JINPAT technical team.