JINPAT Electronics Keeps Pacing Forward in Developing Large Current Slip Ring

2022-07-25 21:53 JINPAT Electronics

JINPAT Electronics has the technical strength to develop and produce slip rings whose single channel capacity exceed 1000A.

JINPAT names slip rings with single channel capacity over 50A as Large Current Slip Rings, and codes them as LPA. Over 20 years since establishment, JINPAT Electronics has developed around 1,000 large current slip rings for amusement facilities. JINPAT has accumulated plenty of experience in large current slip rings. Though slip rings with single channel capacity over 1000A only take up a small number, JINPAT Electronic is now capable of producing slip rings with single channel capacity up to 4000A and has several successful cases. And with further efforts, JINPAT can develop those up to 6000A and even 8000A.

As early as in 2014, JINPAT Electronics, in order to test our high voltage and weak electrical signal integrated slip ring, developed a large current slip ring with 3 1000A channels, 1 ground lead and a weak electrical signal module. To adapt to the demanding environment, JINPAT enhance its protection grading up to IP55. There is a built-in heater that initiates when temperature drops down to below 5°C and stops when above 25°C. It was a milestone marking JINPAT Electronics’ breakthrough in developing large current high voltage slip rings. And this large current slip ring set the basic frame of the series.

The recent large current slip ring with single channel capacity over 1000A also inherit such structure, and is fit for harsh environment. Its protection grading reaches IP66. And some large current slip rings that designed for dust environment are explosion-proof models.

General integration is with weak electrical signal module, JINPAT also provides custom integration with optical slip rings. Large current slip ring with integrated optical module enhances hugely in terms of transmission capacity. An integrated solution with single mode fiber optic rotary joint can travel several hundred meters further than weak electrical signal and power integrated model.

LPA000-031000-01PE-2005-FO06 is a typical large current slip ring with single channel capacity over 1000A. It consists of the large current module with a working voltage up to 690V, the weak electrical signal module and an optical slip ring module with 6 channels. The protection grading is IP66. From its coding, you can also see this slip ring with 1 pneumatic channel.

For more large current slip ring solutions, you can visit JINPAT’s website.