JINPAT VR Slip Ring Solves the Big Problems in Virtual Reality Equipment

2020/8/12 15:12:39

There are two ways to connect VR: one is to use wireless data transmission technology; the other is to use slip ring. The former technical level is relatively immature, and professionals are more keen to adopt slip rings as a way to connect VR devices.


The VR slip ring produced by JINPAT is a slip ring that integrates HDMI, USB, DC power supply, and signal amplification. The high-definition video transmission capacity of the slip ring can reach 2160X1080P@90HZ, no error signal, and no interference between the high-definition signal and the USB signal to ensure lossless signal transmission. The VR slip ring has a built-in interface and supports quick plug-in. The VR slip ring has reliable performance and can transmit USB3.0 and fast Ethernet without signal interference and packet loss.


Features & Advantages


  ◆ VR slip ring integrates HDMI, USB, DC power supply and amplified signal in one

  ◆ Can transmit USB3.0 and Ethernet

  ◆ With built-in connector

  ◆ High transmission rate

  ◆ Lossless transmission, no error, no interference

  ◆ Simplified structure

  ◆ Long life & can be customized


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