JINPAT Ultra-Small 7-Channel FORJ Breakthrough LPFO-07C-07

2020/9/10 15:38:58

Fiber optic rotary joints (FORJs) are also called optical fiber optic slip rings, optical hinges, etc. The function is to solve the problem of optical signal transmission between relative rotating parts, that is, to ensure that non-interrupting transmission of optical signals during 360 degrees rotation.

Fiber optic rotary joints have been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time in the past. Imported optical fiber has always had problems such as high price, long production cycle, and difficult after-sales service. JINPAT Electronics has continuously increased its innovation and research and development efforts since our establishment in 1996. At present, our self-designed and self-produced fiber optic rotary connectors have become mature, and the gap with imported products is very small.

In 2020, JINPAT has made an important technical breakthrough in the production of ultra-small  fiber optic rotary connectors. The actual product diameter of seven-channel fiber optic rotary joint is only 30mm. Its main features are as follows:

Compact structure with OD only 30mm. 2-7 channels at the same size (respectively corresponding to LPFO-07C-02/03/04/05/06/07).

Cost is more competitive & delivery is faster.

Some customized requirements can be made according to special installation requirements.

If you need high quality FORJ, welcome to contact JINPAT!

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