JINPAT Swimming Pool Cleaning Robot Slip Ring

A swimming pool cleaning robot is an automatic device that can clean the bottom of the pool autonomously underwater. To realize the function of autonomously cleaning underwater, the robot needs not only good waterproof performance, but also a pair of "eyes" that can recognize the road, and these eyes are its own path navigation system. 

JINPAT IP68 slip ring is specially designed for underwater operation and waterproof operation. Industrial grade product, aluminum alloy shell, stator flange installation, IP67, IP68 protection grade, gold to gold contact, imported seal and military-grade electroplating treatment, multi-point contact contacts, water-proof glands, cables, etc., can be customized according to customer requirements. 

The special slip ring for JINPAT robot generally has the characteristics of long life and maintenance-free. The slip ring has a compact structure, high processing accuracy, superb process technology, and special treatment for core components to ensure the reliable operation of the slip ring in the high cold and high temperature environment. 


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