JINPAT Super Miniature Slip Rings for Small Biological Experiment Equipment and Devices

Most of the medical equipment and devices in the biomedical industry need slip ring to enable 360-degree rotary transmission of power and signals. There are many representative slip rings that serve the medical industry and bio-experiment industry. They covers electrical slip rings, fiber optic rotary joint, high definition video slip rings and hybrid electrical optic slip rings etc. And in the medical industry, not only the high-end medical devices need slip rings, some middle-end animal experiment instrument also need slip rings.

Most of the medical equipment and devices in the biomedical industry need slip ring to enable 360-degree rotary transmission of power and signals. There are many representative slip rings that serve the medical industry and bio-experiment industry. They covers electrical slip rings, fiber optic rotary joint, high definition video slip rings and hybrid electrical optic slip rings etc. And in the medical industry, not only the high-end medical devices need slip rings, some middle-end animal experiment instrument also need slip rings.

In the biomedical field, there many experiments on animals. Concerning the cost and other reasons, mice are often chosen as experimental subject. And as a result, there are many experimental equipment developed particularly for the mice. And among this special kind of equipment and devices, many demand the use of slip ring. Compared to devices for human treatment, devices for mice are very simple.

Take electroencephalo-graph device for mice for example, the sensors are arranged around the head of a mouse to scan the brain activity. To prevent the wire twisting problem caused by the subject’s random movement, a slip ring is installed in the holder of the experimental box. The data collected from the sensor will be transmit to the processing end through this slip ring.


JINPAT LPMS-04A Super Miniature Slip Ring

The smallest slip ring of JINPAT super miniature slip rings is only 4.5mm in diameter. This series is specially developed for small miniature electrical devices. The super miniature slip rings all adopt gold-to-gold contact, with a minor dynamic resistance fluctuation and extremely low rotating torque. These features make it the best option for small electrical devices with weak current like EGG device for mouse.

From JINPAT’s current cases, LPMS-04A, a super miniature slip ring with 4 channels is the most favored model for mouse EGG devices. The main body of this slip ring is 10.8mm with a diameter of 7.9mm. With the auxiliary part, its length reaches 15.8mm. JINPAT is able to produce slip rings in a small size and with more channels according to the actual needs of the clients. Take LPMS-12U for example, it is a slip ring model with 12 channels, with a total length of 17.4mm while the diameter is only 6.5mm. And LPMS-08D has 8 channels with an even smaller diameter, only 6.5mm.


JINPAT LPMS-12U Super Miniature Slip Ring

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