JINPAT Super Miniature Slip Ring is Widely Used in Photoelectric Pods

Electro-optical pod technology is an important part of electro-optical reconnaissance technology. Electro-optical pods can be widely used in reconnaissance of land, sea, air and space. The common carriers are mostly vehicles, ships and aircraft. When the electro-optical pod works, the signal and current transmission can not be interrupted. Thus JINPAT slip ring can be used as an important device to solve the 360° rotation conduction and signal transmission problem. 

JINPAT electro-optical pod slip ring integrates servo motor power signal, control signal, angle measurement signal, serial port signal, Gigabit Ethernet signal, cameralink infrared video signal, HD-SDI high-definition video signal. Our slip ring can realize the parallel transmission with multiple data interfaces and parallel acquisition & processing of multiple image data of multiple sensors of electro-optical pod at 360° rotation.

With the advancement of technology, the electro-optical pods are increasingly becoming smaller and lighter. In response to this, JINPAT has developed an ultra-precision ultra-micro slip ring with 80 channels with outer diameter 17.4mm only and length only 50.8mm, which fully meet the demanding requirements of small and miniature size of electro-optical pods slip ring. The insulating layer is made of special material and has a thickness of only 0.05mm. Besides, it can reach 100MΩ insulation, 500VAC withstand voltage requirements, and torque is ≤ 0.06 N. mm.



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