JINPAT Super Miniature Slip Ring for Pipeline Inspection Robot

  1. Circuits  8
  2. Electronic & Electrical 8 circuits
  3. Mechanic 0~300rpm
  4. Environment -20°C~+60°C
  5. Life  Customizable


Benefits & Features Specifications

JINPAT Super Miniature Slip Ring for Pipeline Inspection Robot

Pipeline inspection robot is a kind of machine that can automatically walk along the inside or outside of a small pipe for inspection. Lately, according to customer requirements, JINPAT has developed a pipeline inspection robot slip ring based on the standard LPMS-08A super miniature slip ring.


The structure of new LPMS-08A is extremely compact, with a diameter of only 8mm and a total length of 11.2mm. Due to the gold-to-gold contact, the slip ring also has very good electrical performance. Aside from the compact structure and good electrical performance, JINPAT pipeline inspection robot slip ring also can integrate 2 circuits@analog video signals, 2 circuits@other analog signals, 2 circuits@currents (110mA @ 33 V DC) and 2 GND, etc. Furthermore, in order to allow the pipeline inspection robot to accept control commands, integrated control signals are also necessary. Its protection level can reach IP65, which can be used in severe environment. And it can fully meet the demanding requirements of pipeline inspection robot for component installation space. This customized JINPAT pipeline inspection robot slip ring has been well received by customers.

Features and Avantages

Military materials and manufacturing processes

Stable performance, helping the equipment to transmit signals more accurately

Long life, high protection, slip ring maintenance free

Compact appearance, compact structure, light weight

Easy installation, smooth operation

Low torque, extremely low electrical noise, low resistance, and no friction


Electrical & ElectronicsMechanical
Circuitstotal   8 circuits : 2 circuits*analog video signal/2 circuits*CAN signal/2   circuits*power/2 circuits signalRotating Speed0~300rpm
Rating   Voltage48 VAC/DCContact MaterialGold To Gold
Dielectric   Strength500VAC@50Hz(P)    100VAC@50Hz(S) Housing MaterialEngineering Plastics
Insulation   Resistance
    50MΩ@500VDC (P) 10MΩ@100VDC (S)
Wire Length
    Stator: 280mm
    Rotor: 45mm
Dynamic Resistance Fluctuation Value35MΩ
Lead Wire   Size AWG30   #/
Temperature-20°C~+60°CLife spanCustomizable
Humidity≤60%RHNote: "P" stands for   power, "S" stands for signal
Protection   gradeCustomizable

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