JINPAT Slip Rings in Crane Technology

2020/8/4 15:31:46

JINPAT slip rings are widely used in crane technology for power and data transmission. In heavy-duty conditions, the rotating components of the crane must be reliable, powerful and must supply data in indoor and outdoor applications. Mostly gold wire technology of JINPAT slip rings is used in cranes. It ensures durability and trouble-free operation of the system.

Slip rings used in construction & agriculture equipments must have robust structure and dependable performance due to these heavy machines usually operated under harsh outdoor environments. Slip ring as a significant component of these complex systems that need transfer all power, signal, data from a stationary structure to a rotating structure, it must overcome various demanding environments and work perfectly in any kind of environment, also need be qualified for long duty circles working.


Slip Rings for Power Transmission in Cranes

Crane duty motors are suitable for three-phase supply. Generally, the use of power does not affect the slip ring’s ability. But the voltage drop changes the actual voltage available at the load, and the total power gets dissolved in the slip ring. 

The dissolved power in the slip ring converts to heat and can agitate the operating temperature. Luckily, the components in the slip rings do not overheat to pose the risk of burning.

The Other Typical Applications of Slip Rings Are

·        Mobile cranes

·        Excavators in the building industry

·        Tower cranes

·        Bucket-wheel excavator in a mining

·        Cable reels for harbor cranes

·        Rotating superstructures for fire engines


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