JINPAT Slip Rings for Sewer Inspection Robots

2020/12/8 17:04:42

Sewer inspection robots are used to carry our routine inspections as well as rehabilitations of the sewers. They are rather helpful when inspecting sewers and pipes with limited diameter where human cannot enter directly. Sewer inspection robots have advantages over human inspection in case of entering hazard underground environment where unexpected occasions may be fatal to human. JINPAT has developed various types of slip rings for sewer inspection robots.


The smallest slip ring model with this specific purpose is JINPAT LPMS-6B-06S. With its super miniature size, LPMS-6B-06S fits in miniature sewer inspection robots that worked in pipes or sewers with small diameter. But this slip ring, due to its limited size, can only support 2 video signal channels. So LPMS-6B-06S might not be a perfect choice when high definition video signal is related.

So what kind of slip ring is suitable for sewer inspection robots that require high definition video signal transmission? The answer is JINPAT LPC-18C-0802-HD01. To realize high definition video signal transmission with restricted component size, JINPAT LPC-18C-0802-HD01 adopts coaxial cables. There are four channels to transmit 4K 1080p high definition video signal, and therefore fits in sewer robots that demand high definition signal.

And the JINPAT LPT012 series is also specially developed for sewer robotics. Given the harsh and damn environment, components of the sewer inspection robots should be able to endure humidity and shock. JINPAT has developed specific slip rings with high protection grade up to IP68. These slip rings can maintain a smooth and reliable power and signal transmission even in harsh conditions.



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